NGBOTIMA CHARITY TRUST only sponsors the education of children who are already living within a family unit (be it with blood relatives or guardians), because we believe that by supporting the child within a family we can do more. For example, by paying for the education of one child within the family, the parents can then afford to send a second child to school.

We involve the parents and guardians or older siblings in all our decisions by holding meetings with them throughout the academic year, so that they are comfortable that they still have responsibility for their child and to ensure that the other children do not feel overlooked in the process – they know that our aim is to support and strengthen the families.

The reason that we concentrate on the education issues is that this provides real hope for the future; the children we are educating today can be the adults that shape a better future for the community.

The concept of sponsoring children varies from charity to charity. We want to reiterate that we aim to support the children in existing family units by giving them the chance to gain a complete education. Part of any child's education is learning how to communicate with all sorts of people and come into contact with new thinking and ideas; for that reason we encourage communication between the donors and children.

We aim to reinforce within the children the importance of helping each other and giving back, as well as receiving, help. The war in Sierra Leone has robbed its people of so much, not least the ability to trust others, so we want to rebuild confidence and hope in the future in those families whose lives we can help to support.