The NGBOTIMA CHARITY TRUST - "Let us Help" - raises money for the education of 24 children from one of the world’s poorest countries; these are young people who are bright, ambitious and desperate to learn, but without our support they would be denied adequate schooling.

The central principle on which the Ngbotima Charity Trust is founded is that every penny raised must directly benefit the children’s education. All the Trustees are volunteers and they claim no expenses.

We are proud to be able to claim that ALL money raised is used for essential equipment, fees, uniforms and books, or placed in a reserve fund to ensure continuity for the children up to university level.

A year’s education is of little value and we want to ensure that all children supported by us have the opportunity to complete a full education. In order to retain good control and to ensure continuity for the children we intend to keep the charity small.

The Charity