Co-Founder: Georgina (Georgie) Campbell:

Nina Murray: My name is Nina Murray and I've probably known Georgie all my life.  Having grown up in the wilds of Argyllshire, I spent most of my twenties travelling and working all over Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.  I've always been interested in international development and human rights, but since returning to the UK to do a Masters in Migration Studies and taking up my current job as Women's Policy Development Officer at Scottish Refugee Council in Glasgow, I've become passionate about them – and a bit of a feminist too.  I was thrilled when Georgie and I 'rediscovered' each other and she approached me to help out. Occasionally I see young Sierra Leonean women who've been trafficked or smuggled into Scotland ending up on our cold, concrete doorstep in a corner of Glasgow's City Centre asking for help.  It's frightening to think of the terrifying journeys, let alone the abuse and exploitation, they've likely endured to get to that point.  I hope that in some small way our work with Ngbotima can offer an alternative, so that those horrifying, dangerous journeys to cold and unfriendly experiences of exploitation are not the only opportunity for a way out of poverty for the next generation of Sierra Leone's young people.

My name is Georgie Campbell and I currently live in London working as a mental health nurse. I have travelled and worked in the charity sector in over 20 countries. In 2006 I traveled to Sierra Leone, to work in an education charity for 6 months.

Over a period of 6 months, I had endless discussions about the situation and the problems in the country. The organisation sent us around the country and the more I saw, the more disillusioned and frustrated I was with inefficiencies in the humanitarian work being attempted. I with the encouragement of Sierra Leonean friends decided that I could try to do something better.

I was shocked by the poverty and lack of infrastructure and humbled by the amount of time and money some Sierra Leoneans, give in order to help the most vulnerable in the community. This seemed a much more effective way of helping than present charities seemed to do. I couldn't walk away from Sierra Leone without doing something to help. I wanted to do better

George Archer was the first friend of Georgie to respond to her pleas for help for the children in Sierra Leone and has been unswerving in his support ever since.

He works in the field of communication and is currently the leading fundraiser for the charity. He also advises on website creation, branding and design.